I have played tennis for the last 15 years irregularly. Tennis has innate socialising properties that I find I can utilise unlike any other sport. Contemporary tennis is socially mobile and people from every limb of society are able to participate, enhancing the social components.

Tennis is one of the big spectator sports of this age encouraging a mass following from people all over the world. My favourite professional tennis player is Roger Federer. Federer embodies style, swerve, and sedulity.



If I had to choose one sport to do for the rest of my days it would be without a doubt be skiing. I feel skiing gives me remarkable freedom unlike any other sport out there. There is so many different ‘ski cultures’ out there. Skiing gives me an opportunity to test the limits of my ability with plenty of opportunities to improve in all areas. Unfortunately skiing is an expensive hobby so I can only do it infrequently. self-drive-ski-1







Recently I have developed a love for the game of chess. Chess is a great way to socialise whilst developing analytical and strategising skills. The game is open to anyone who is willing to play. The game itself is a great way to tailor the people you socialise with as it has an automatic buffer against lazy people. Chess